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COV-19 Makes Teaching Good Citizenship More Important Than Ever

During this challenging time it is our responsibility to one another, as good citizens, to follow new rules: maintain social distancing, "shelter in place" if ordered to or needed, and take special care of the elderly or those with underlying health conditions. This is what responsible citizens must do. We are all in this together.

Our mission, through our Cyber Civics program, has always been to teach kids how to be good citizens, both online and off. We figure the small part we can play during the COV-10 pandemic is to help as many teachers and parents as possible use our lessons and activities to teach kids stuck at home (and participating in online communities more than ever) how and why good citizenship is so important.

Therefore, effective immediately:

  • We have extended licenses for all schools subscribed to Cyber Civics to include their families at no additional cost. This means parents can continue teaching Cyber Civics at home so students get uninterrupted access to our curriculum. Any school that needs help implementing this may contact us (

  • For schools planning to teach Cyber Civics next school year, we are giving their families immediate access to Cyber Civics lessons too. Interested schools may contact us (

  • We've made three important lessons and activities about citizenship available to all families for free, because there has never been a better time to teach children how and why to be good citizens, online and off. Families can access these lessons here.

What Is Cyber Civics?

We our proud to offer the most comprehensive middle school digital literacy program available. It is designed to meet kids where they are developmentally, and it sequences lessons in a way that helps kids make sense of a complex digital world. It is taught hands-on and emphasizes social and emotional skills.

Any parent who would like to deliver our entire program on digital citizenship and literacy, which we highly recommend, can visit this page and use the code: stuckathome2020 to receive 50% off during this time.

While we are certainly living through trying times, hopefully we can make the most out of our unusual circumstances. So let’s teach our kids to take care of themselves and each other, both online and off.

We are all in this together.

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