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Get Your Free Activities for Families

To help parents teach their children how to be good citizens, online and off, we've pulled three of our favorite activities from our Cyber Civics curriculum. Simply download the lesson plans and watch the videos that accompany each lesson. 


Activity 1: Taking Care of Your Devices

From our new Digital On-Ramps curriculum for 4th and 5th grade, this lesson teaches students the basics of digital device care. 

Activity 2: The 5 Principles of Citizenship

From our Cyber Civics curriculum for middle school, this lesson teaches 6th graders what it means to be a good citizen, online and off.

Activity 3: How To Be a Good Citizen Online

In this second part to the lesson above, kids apply the 5 principles of citizenship to online communities they belong to, or will belong to in the future.

About Cyber Civics

If you like these activities, then check out Cyber Civics! It is the most comprehensive digital literacy curriculim you will find. Our award-winning, research-based program helps kids become ethical, safe, and productive digital citizens.

We offer the same curriculum schools use to families and small groups too. Visit this page to learn more. If you are interested in our in-school program, please visit us online or download and share our flyers (below) with your child's school.



Call: (949) 481-4319

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