With all the exciting things online, sometimes it's easy to overlook simple strategies that can keep us safe. While the term "online security" sounds daunting, even grownups with limited technical skills can master easy ​techniques like learning how to make and use secure passwords, backing up data, understanding and using  privacy settings, and more. Why not start by checking out the resources below?

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Start With These 10 Easy Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online:



  1. Talk to your kids!

  2. Turn on the "Do Not Track  Tool" on your browsers.

  3. Read the Privacy Policies on all the services and apps you use.

  4. Never share passwords and make strong passwords.

  5. Keep personal information personal (don't chat/send photos to strangers).

  6. (For Kids) Ask permission before signing up for anything.

  7. Know how to recognize ads and don't click on them.

  8. Respect age limits on all social networking sites.

  9. Set privacy settings on all social networking sites.

  10. Advocate for Cyber Civics lessons at your school!

Teach School-Age Children About Internet Security

When your child starts using the Internet, security is the most important piece of information to educate them about. As with anything else, the Internet comes with risks, and when not educated, kids have a higher chance of encountering them. It’s important that both you and your children know about Internet security, so you can avoid any mishaps and trouble that could come with using it...

Protect Your (and Your Children's) Identity While Traveling

Experian estimates that approximately 25 percent of children will fall victim to identity theft before adulthood. Unfortunately, children may be unaware that some seemingly harmless activities can further jeopardize their online security while traveling. 


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