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One of the most disturbing problems of the digital age is how easy it is for children to access online pornography. With cellphones in their pockets, access to porn in often just a click away. In fact, the average age of first Internet porn exposure is 11 years old and whether your child accidentally or intentionally stumbles across it, the impact can be devastating. Learn how to protect your children from online pornography, what to do if they have already accessed online porn, and how to have honest conversations about this thorny topic by accessing the resources on this page.


  • Porn sites get more visitors each month than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter combined

  • About one-third of all web downloads in the U.S. are porn-related

  • Pornhub — self-described as “the world’s leading free porn site”­ — received 42 billion visits in 2019

  • In a content analysis of best-selling and most-rented porn films, researchers found that 88% of analyzed scenes contained physical aggression: gagging, strangulation, spanking, and slapping

  • 50% of parents underestimate how much porn their teens have seen

  • A meta-analysis of 22 studies between 1978 and 2014 from seven different countries concluded that pornography consumption is associated with an increased likelihood of committing acts of verbal or physical sexual aggression, regardless of age

  • A meta-analysis found “an overall significant positive association between pornography use and attitudes supporting violence against women”

  • In a study of U.S. college fraternity men, researchers found that 83% reported seeing mainstream pornography, and that those who did were more likely to say they would commit rape or sexual assault if they knew they wouldn’t be caught than men who hadn’t seen porn in the past 12 months

  • Thirty peer-reviewed studies since 2011 reveal pornography use has negative and detrimental impacts on the brain.

-From Culture Reframed


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