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If your kids aren't already diving into the captivating world of Palworld, chances are they've heard about it from friends or have an eager desire to explore it themselves.


Developed by Japanese studio Pocket Pair, Palworld offers a unique and engaging experience set in an open world teeming with adorable creatures known as "Pals." Launched in early access in January 2024, this action-adventure survival game has quickly garnered immense popularity, drawing players into its comedic premise that earned it the moniker "Pokémon with guns."


Whether your kids are already immersed in the Palworld craze or are considering joining the adventure, understanding its features and dynamics is key to ensuring a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.


How do you access the game?

Palworld can be accessed through multiple platforms. It was initially launched via early access for Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in January 2024. Players can explore the “Palpagos Islands” on these platforms.

How is it played?

In Palworld, players control a customizable avatar from a third-person perspective. The gameplay involves exploring the open-world Palpagos Islands, managing hunger levels, crafting tools, gathering materials, and building bases that act as fast travel points. Players can engage in combat with over 100 creatures known as Pals, capturing them using "Pal Spheres." Pals can be utilized for various tasks, including battling, scavenging, crafting, and more.


Why have I been hearing so much about this game?

It’s popular! Like insanely popular! In the first week alone, it has sold over 8 million copies! Even though the game is practically brand new, it has garnered huge support from kids and critics alike.


Why do kids love this game?

Kids are drawn to Palworld due to its engaging and social gameplay. The ability to customize avatars, engage in combat with Pals, and utilize them in various activities adds to the appeal. The game's comedic premise, featuring firearms and equipping Pals with weapons, has earned it the nickname "Pokémon with guns." Collaborations, depth, and story-like flow in each season contribute to its popularity among kids.


Why is it referred to as 'Pokémon with guns'?
In 2021, Pocket Pair unveiled the first trailer for Palworld, highlighting the diverse pals and features within the game. Initially presenting a seemingly straightforward premise of building houses and gathering resources, the trailer reveals a darker side of Palworld—players must engage in combat against others to survive, occasionally utilizing their pals as weapons or crafting weaponry.

Is Palworld affiliated with Pokémon?
Despite the informal moniker "Pokémon with guns," as reported by The Washington Post, Palworld is the creation of the video game company Pocketpair and not Nintendo, the original creator of Pokémon. Despite its official early release, the association with Pokémon has persisted, leading to criticisms of potential plagiarism due to perceived similarities in creature design, not only in appearance but also in the 3D model schematics, as noted by various artists and designers, according to Rolling Stone.

What should you worry about?
Palworld is rated PEGI 12 in Europe and has an ESRB rating of T for Teen in North America. As outlined on the game’s Xbox store page, its rating has been assigned as such due to “Violence. Parents should be aware of potential concerns, including the game's satirical premise involving firearms and the use of Pals for various purposes. The presence of factions, a wanted-level system, and in-game crimes may introduce elements of conflict. Monitoring online interactions and ensuring awareness of potential risks, such as sharing personal information with strangers, is essential.

Despite Palworld's adorable appearance, its inclusion of guns and depictions of violence, coupled with the strategic and survival aspects that demand heightened mental engagement, may raise concerns for some. However, what likely maintains its classification as suitable for young teenagers is the absence of blood, gore, or hyper-realistic visuals. Although the game harbors darker undertones, its overall cuteness seems to be a mitigating factor contributing to its lower age rating.

Are their costs involved?

At the time of publishing (1/25/24), Palworld does not include a transaction system within the game. The retail price of the game is USD 29.99.

Bottom Line-

Palworld, with its unique blend of gameplay elements and satirical premise, has gained immense popularity, selling eight million units in its first six days. Parents should be mindful of the game's dynamics, potential concerns, and the potential for future in-game purchases to make informed decisions based on family values and preferences.

Palworld Gameplay


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