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We believe digital citizenship resources should be:

  • Proactive- It empowers young people to use powerful technologies confidently and wisely.

  • Not Fear-Based- Although cyberbullying, sexting, and online safety and such are certainly important concerns, we prefer resources that help young people learn how to harness the power of digital technologies in positive ways that prevent such actions in the first place.

  • Behavior Focused- It’s about neurology, not technology (apologies to the original author of this great line, wish we knew who??). We love lessons that can be conducted even without technology because they reaffirm our belief the digital citizenship is about basic behaviors… like being nice.


To help parents teach their children how to be good digital citizens, we've pulled three of our favorite activities on this topic from our Cyber Civics curriculum. Here they are, free for all families. 


Simply download the lesson plans below (best suited for children from 10-14). 

Activity 1: The 5 Principles of Citizenship

Teaches children what it means to be a good citizen, online and off.

Activity 2: How To Be a Good Citizen Online

Children apply the 5 principles of citizenship to online communities they belong to, or will belong to in the future.

Activity 3: What Kind of Citizen Will You Be?

This activity helps children consider how their participation within a community impacts others. 

Cyber Civics is our popular middle school digital citizenship and literacy program that meets an urgent and growing need to prepare students with the skills to be ethical, safe, and productive digital citizens.

The program includes three levels of weekly turn-key lessons in Digital Citizenship, Information Literacy, and Media Literacy For Positive Participation. Cyber Civics is easy for any school, teacher or after-school program, or parent to teach. Lessons emphasizes critical thinking, ethical discussion and decision making about digital media issues. 


Learn how to bring Cyber Civics to your school.

Or take advantage of our special offer to teach Cyber Civics at home.

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Do you know about our award-winning in-school and at-home digital literacy curriculum?



Got digital kids? Then "Raising Humans in a Digital World: Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology" is for you!

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Guess what? The Cyber Civics curriculum is now available for parents to teach at home too!


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