Privacy. It's a moving target in the digital age, but there is one essential thing you need to know: All of those wonderful free services and apps available online are actually not free at all, they all cost something. That cost is our personal data. In other words, in return for free information, apps, and more, websites and other online services often gather personal information about us so that they can deliver a targeted advertising experience.

Understanding this is a critical step to becoming fully digitally literate. In fact, the American Library Association describes a digitally literate person as someone who “understands the relationship between technology, life-long learning, personal privacy, and stewardship of information.

Our goal at CyberWise is to help all grownups come "digitally literate" so that they, in-turn, can help their kids become digitally savvy, and safe, as well. That's why we've launched this new online course about Privacy. It's meant to give parents, educators, and kids a quick introduction to and overview about Online Privacy and how to protect it. We hope you'll watch this video and then give the course a spin. You can find it here.

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