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Cyber Civics Featured on America Tonight!

Unfortunately, it's not unusual to see heartbreaking stories about cyberbullying in the news, however it is unusual see proactive, preemptive solutions to cyberbullying. That's why we are so honored and thrilled that Al Jazeera America sent a crew to Journey School in Aliso Viejo, CA, to see how we've made "cyber bullying history." Please take a moment read the story below and watch the clip to learn why classes like "Cyber Civics" must to be a permanent part of every school's curriculum. Then, if you are as passionate about keeping kids safe online as we are, we urge you to "Give a Hoot" taking these actions below:

Parents: Contact your local school/PTA today and urgethem to include classes like Cyber Civics™ in their curriculum. While you're at it, make sure your parents are cyber-wise! Teachers: Take a sneak peak at our curriculum and learn more about digital literacy today by taking an online course. Anyone: Consider attending this workshop or conference. Because together, we CAN make cyber bullying history.

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