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Texting Acronyms: It's Time To Take These Seriously

When I was a kid I remember passing my girlfriends notes in school, all written in pink ink and folded like a star or triangle, with “code words” mingled in with my sentences like NKOTB, ASAP, or TGIF- not very exciting right?

Today’s teens do things a little differently. Texting has replaced doodled note passing in the hall, and acronyms are a much easier way to short hand a message.


There’re some acronyms that parents should be cautious about, which may be dangerous in nature or have sexual connotations.

LH6 – Let’s have sex (L)MIRL – Let’s meet in real life IPN – I’m posting naked DOC – Drug of choice WTTP – Want to trade pictures? PRON – Porn PIR – Parent in room SUGARPIC – Suggestive or erotic photo GYPO – Get your pants off TDTM – Talk dirty to me

~for more acronyms please check out this site, this one, and this one too.~

Trying to stay one step ahead of popular texting acronyms and have a frank and honest discussion with your kids on what’s appropriate and whats not, might save them from bigger issues later on down the road.

It's not just NKOTB anymore- its much more serious. Play it safe and stay current and up-to-date with the trends your teen may be following. Email for kids! Allow your children to use technology and be safe. Sign up for a free trial today:

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