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Media Literacy and Kids Email

If a student is not fluent in multiple forms of media, I would venture to say that they won't necessarily be considered literate. -Nichole Pinkard, Founder Digital Youth Network What is media literacy? Media literacy is the ability to access, evaluate, analyze, act, communicate and create using all forms of media.

The ability to understand and interpret the information we have access to on a daily basis is increasingly important. Since media plays on our senses, learning how to interpret the messages we're receiving makes us more responsible citizens, employees/employers, parents, and consumers. With developed Media Literacy skills, we not only become better at critical thinking, but we're also able to make our own decisions on how we create our own messages. Parenting in the modern digital age has been quiet an eye-opener. How can a parent safely teach their children how to be a responsible digital citizen, while teaching them to be media literate as well? is such a great tool to aid parents in that task while giving kids the opportunity to learn life skills in a safe environment. So how can KidsEmail help?

  1. Sending an email is an integral part of technology. KidsEmail gives kids the chance to express themselves through written text and/or images they create or photos they take within the app. Giving kids the ability to put their own thought into something sendable enhances the experience of creating their own messages.

  2. Receiving email and interpreting that message also assists kids in Media Literacy. Reading the text and viewing an image in a safe environment gives kids the chance to understand and interpret the message sent to them.

  3. Spell check within an email teaches kids how to correct their mistakes in spelling, thus strengthening their ability to spell correctly.

  4. Typing the text for an email increases the likelihood the child will develop accurate typing skills-- ensuring stronger communication skills through technology.

  5. Creating the story that is their message--through email text and an image--helps parents and kids alike broaden their Media Literacy together.

With the help of KidsEmail, Media Literacy is a very attainable goal. In a safe environment for young children, parents feel comfortable letting their kids have some freedom to express themselves, while learning life skills in the process.

Brittany is the Marketing Manager of KidsEmail, Mom of 2, Farmer's Wife, and Dedicated to Keeping Kids Safe Online

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