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#DigiWishes: Alert, Authentic, Ambitious Social Media Users

We love the term "social media exceptionalism." Read all about it... from our friends at Social Assurity.

Headlines attract eyeballs and eyeballs pay bills. Headlines preying on our fears and anxieties attract the most eyeballs. As parents, we fear the much written about dangers of social media: sexting, on-line predators, cyber bullying, sleep deprivation, privacy and depression. Our conversations with our children about social media have been framed by these negatives and our approach has been guarded. While these potential dangers are real, they do not define what social media is, what it can be and what savvy users can learn, achieve and accomplish through social media exceptionalism.

So welcome to the age of digital citizenship. The relative worth of social media can be debated infinitely, but its rapid rise is undeniable. The fact is, social media is here to stay. It is a medium that will inevitably be used by anyone your child contacts as they pursue their education, search for career opportunities and expand their life into adulthood. Teaching smart social media usage early helps create a better future for our children. At Social Assurity, we provide a broad range of tools and techniques to help students better understand and manage their social media activities for curated self-expression. My #DigiWish is for students of all ages to be Alert, Authentic and Ambitious with their social media activities! Thanks to our friends at CyberWise for launching this important campaign!

Alan Katzman is the founder of Social Assurity. He is a business and legal executive entrepreneur with background in technology and software, compliance, human resources and investigations. Katzman had lectured extensively on the topic of social media optimization for students and published numerous pioneering articles on the topic. Alan is also the co-moderator of the popular #digcit bi-weekly Twitter chat and is a member of the Advisory Board of The Social Network Channel. Alan sees Social Assurity's mission as educational as well as entrepreneurial.



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