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THE Protection Package for Digital Kids PLUS Your Free Book!

Here's a FREE holiday gift for you, courtesy of our friends at Frienedy: "5 Guidelines To Help Your Kids Build a Safe and Positive Digital Presence."

And while you're at it, why not help yourself to the FREE and significantly discounted items in the Holiday Protection Package? It's a perfect last-minute gift for the digital kids you know and love.


Parents recognize the positive impact that technology has on their children’s future, according to research released by the Family Online Safety Institute. However, according to the organization’s founder and CEO Stephen Balkam, "Technology's opportunities also require recognition of its challenges…and more parents need to be aware of the available resources and tools that will enable good digital parenting and keep our kids safe online."

At Cyberwise we often get to hear first about new tools that can do this. That's why we decided to assemble a “Digital Dream Team” package of resouces that we believe can help families manage kids tech use at every age and stage. Our aim was to make keeping kids safe online easy as 1-2-3.

But before we tell you about the package, we’d like you to know something very important about the protection products in it. Each was designed by a parent whose mission was to make the online world safer for his or her own child or children, and by extension, for all children. We are grateful and blessed to be able to share each of their products with you (at a discount no less!).

The Digital Kids Protection Package Includes:

Kids Email: One of the best ways to get kids started online is to teach them how to use email safely and productively to communicate with family and friends. KidsEmail helps families do this by letting them manage incoming/outgoing mail, monitor contacts lists, and more, ensuring that a child’s first tech use is a positive experience.

Frienedy: Kids love social media and, according to the FOSI report, the average age when kids first start using it is 11.7 (despite the fact that most social media networks require kids to be 13). So Frienedy has engineered social media with responsibility in mind by creating a safe, secure, and private place where families can manage all of their social feeds and content. It also includes a “WishList” feature where you’ll find this package (see below).

PocketGuardian: As kids get older they will inevitably want to communicate with their friends via text messages and more, away from their parents’ watchful eyes. This is a perfect time to install PocketGuardian on your child’s device. This advanced technology looks for any potential harmful or dangerous communication—i.e., cyberbullying or sexting—and alert parents of potential dangers while also offering helpful solutions.

Cyber Civics: Finally, at CyberWise we believe in preemption. So our in school digital citizenship program—called Cyber Civics™—is included in this package. Cyber Civics teaches kids how to develop the best safety net in the world, the one between their ears. Parents and grandparents, or even those without kids, can now gift their schools with this program, at a discount, through this package, so that kids can learn for themselves how to be safe and productive online.

We’ve made it EASY for parents and grandparents to give the gift of protection to the families (and schools!) they love by following these three easy steps:

  1. Join Frienedy. It’s free!

  2. Type in “Protection Package” to find the Holiday Family Protection Package "Wishlist" we’ve made just for you.

  3. Make a family’s or child’s digital wish come true by choosing one or all of the protection products for free or at a substantial discount.

Can you think of a better gift for the digital families you love?

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