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Don't Say 'No Tech,' Say 'Slow Tech'

Last weekend, while presenting a workshop at the Alliance for Public Charter Waldorf Education Annual Conference, I spent time chatting with teachers and administrators about the concept of "Slow Tech" vs "No Tech." I learned from these wonderful educators that what parents need is H-E-L-P (not more scary talks about all the dangers surrounding kids and tech use). They need useful, actionable guidelines, a timetable about what and when to introduce different technologies to kids.

After all, we can't lump all technologies together--there's social media, email, Skype, games, television programs, Facetime, YouTube, text messages, online research, and more. All of these digital age activities require different developmental capacities, maturity, and some are even governed by minimum age requirements. It's tough for a parent to know when to let their child do what.

So I shared this work-in-progress timetable assembled by my friend and Educational Director at Journey School, Patti Connolly. The group found it so helpful, I thought I'd share it with you. See the grid below, and please download the entire "Slow Tech Media Diet Guide," including this timetable, and share it with your family and friends.



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