The Good & The Dad: 12 Great Daddy Bloggers

It used to be a good man was hard to find, and a daddy blogger was even harder! Well move over mom, there’s a new dad in town. The good news is that dad news is more available now than ever, thanks to savvy and entertaining daddy bloggers. Today’s new crop of dads are banding together online and swapping tales of their own unique parenting perspectives on topics such as, “How To Organize The Perfect Birthday Party, Daddy-Style,” “Surviving the 5 levels of Dirty Diapers,” and what to do when a “Daughter’s Hygiene Presents a Hairy Situation for Dad.

With the comraderie of social networking and humor available to entertain and inform, there are

many worthwhile sites cropping up, like Dads4Change and CityDadsGroup, that bond dads and families together to support important causes and create positive change.

Here’s what we consider to be the best of the best, in no particular order, of daddy bloggers who are destroying the myth that husbands/dads are useless at childcare and household chores.