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Podcast: How Ethical Thinking & Digital Citizenship Are Connected

Host Terry Vittone of the CPI podcast "Unrestrained" recently interviewed Cyberwise Founder Diana Graber about one of her favorite topics "ethical thinking." Just click on the image to listen to the entire recording and/or read the blog post (partly excerpted below):

How are ethical thinking and digital citizenship connected?

Although it may seem out-of-step with the zeitgeist, where “post-truth” was declared the 2016 Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year, according to digital literacy expert Diana Graber, “Ethical thinking is the skill du jour,” and this ability is now inextricably linked to how parents and teachers should teach their kids to be good digital citizens. In an age where so many of a child’s waking hours are spent in front of an interactive screen, the ability to bring ethical thinking to the content they choose to upload, download, or otherwise consume is not only a critical component of their formational experience, it is a record of their behavior that, in Diana’s words, “will never go away.”

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