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9 Kids' Apps Make Summer Reading Fun!

Afraid your kids will go soft in the head over the summer without school? Many kids would rather be on their devices than pick up a book, but no worries, there’s an app for that!

Even if it may seem like your child’s education is on pause, has compiled a list of 9 great reading apps that will make summer reading fun for kids of all ages.

Download the infographic below to find a dozen great apps for kids Pre-K to high school, and even one for multi-lingual learning and kids with autism! Most of them are free or less than $5 and are available on iPhone, iPad, and/or Android devices.

Keep your child’s mind active and engaged—yes, even at home—while they are improving overall reading comprehension, increased vocabulary and word recognition, critical thinking skills, and overall reading speed. Best of all, they might even start the school’s assigned summer reading before the Fall semester begins!


Summer Reading Apps

Erin Ann Anderson is a college senior at California State University Northridge, majoring in business and minoring in business law. She is spending her summer as a media literacy intern for Cyberwise.

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