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5 Ways Snap(chat) Benefits Teens

Though you don't hear it said very often... social media can actually be good for kids and teens! In fact, with proper guidance, technology can help them develop reading, writing, and critical thinking skills (just think about blogs, chat rooms, and more). They can also learn how to connect and share their point of view with others, observe good role models, and become more politically and socially aware by watching news, documentaries and reading about issues online. Snapchat offers some of these benefits, and more. Plus, teens love that it a fun way for them to stay in constant contact with friends, without as much pressure to look perfect (like on Instagram or Facebook).

Snapchat (recently renamed “Snap”) sometimes gets a bad rap because of its ephemeral nature, but we believe that this app has some pretty great benefits. So, brought to you by Fielding Graduate University, where we learned to look at technology through the lens of psychology, is a compilation of just five key ways Snapchat can have a positive impact on teens, all in an easy-to-read, downloadable infographic that you can print or share with others in a snap!

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