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Instant Edu Ideas with Instagram

Nearly everyone has heard of the popular photo sharing social media app Instagram. Its basic purpose is to share artfully taken photos and videos of landscapes, friends, selfies, food, and more. But what about the possibility of using Instagram in the classroom? Some teachers have figured out a few amazing ways to engage with their students on this well-known social media platform. The easiest part is that most of their students already know how to use the app, so coming up with interesting projects that utilize it is a breeze.

Since most teens already love using Instagram, why not incorporate some cool school projects into it? We've compiled a list of eight amazing ways Instagram can empower students and teachers in the classroom. Download the infographic below, brought to you by Fielding Graduate University.

Erin Ann Anderson is a college senior at California State University Northridge, majoring in business and minoring in business law. She is spending her summer as a media literacy intern for Cyberwise. Visit:

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