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About Cybersafety and Family Zone Team

The Internet and mobile technology have given kids incredible opportunities, in education, social engagement and entertainment. Kids love using screens, and parents love the opportunity to have a precious, uninterrupted break!

The Downside of the Internet for Kids

But the online world has brought dangers into our homes - cyberbullying, pornography, sexting and worse. Technology is so appealing to our kids it can be difficult to get them to go outside, to study and to sleep.

Protecting Kids Online

You may have tried to implement parental controls but probably found them to be too complicated or simply ineffective. With so many devices to protect and clever kids getting around the technology, it’s proved to be an impossible challenge.

Until now.

Family Zone is a Breakthrough

Family Zone gives you all the parental controls you need in one, easy-to-use internet portal. It does all the things parents have been looking for, including:

  • Blocking inappropriate content, restricting social media and moderating online searches.

  • Setting up routines and managing the amount of time kids are online.

  • Works on any device at home and on smart devices when kids are out and about.

  • It’s the world’s most comprehensive approach to online safety and it’s simple to set up and easy to use!

Works on Every Device at Home

These days homes are filled with online devices - like computers, smart phones, gaming consoles, smart TV’s and iPads. Family Zone works on all of them, without you having to go around an install software on each one.

Simply plug-in a Family Zone Box and within minutes you’ll have a safe home WiFi network and personalized Internet filters for your entire family. Even visitors to your home will also have their devices automatically protected by Family Zone.

Works If Your Kids Take Devices Away from Home

Older children will take their devices with them when they visit friends or travel to school. You can download

the Family Zone App to block apps and turn off dangerous or expensive features on your kid’s mobile devices.

Family Zone’s technology has been designed to work in harmony with school technologies. This means your kids are safe at school, at home and when out and about.

Family Zone is Recommended by Cyber Experts

Family Zone is more than technology, it connects you to independent Cyber Safety Experts. Cyber Experts are independent professionals in cyber safety. They are educators—teaching school leaders, students and parents on how to be safe online.

A Cyber Expert Will Manage Your Family Zone for You

Once you’ve purchased a Family Zone Box and subscribed to a plan, one of your first steps is to choose a Cyber Expert Partner. Your Cyber Expert Partner is there for you constantly monitoring the internet and updating your Family Zone settings.

When you set up Family Zone, you'll be asked to register those family members you wish to monitor and protect. As you enter your family members’ dates of birth your Cyber Expert Partner’s recommended age settings are automatically assigned. As your children grow older, their settings will evolve automatically without you needing to do a thing.

The Internet changes constantly. With a Cyber Expert Partner, you don’t need to be a technology guru or to keep up to date with the latest risky websites and apps. Your Cyber Expert Partner does the hard work for you!

Family Zone Simplifies Cyber Safety

Family Zone works on all popular mobile devices, it works across any telecommunications network and it works at home, outside, at friends’ houses, cafe’s & schools.

With Family Zone, Cyber Experts and Parents working together, we’re building a safer online community for kids.


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