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Who's Winning the Social Media Showdown? We Hope YOU Are.

social media showdown

It’s no secret that brands have been increasing their online presence exponentially over the years in order to reach online users, especially kids and teens. That's why parents really need to know which apps are targeting their kids the most, and where and how they are reaching them.

So who is winning this social media showdown? While Facebook has taken over the globe in terms of sheer numbers, it’s really Instagram and Snapchat that are the ringleaders with teens and young adults as far as engagement goes. But it's YouTube that captures their attention. With more than 1 billion views per day, YouTube is currently larger than any cable network and will continue to grow as mobile devices become more ubiquitous and technology continues to improve.

But the real winner in the social media showdown, however, will be the parents who stay ahead of their kids and stay cyber aware of where and how they are engaging with a rapidly-changing visual world. Let's hope that's you. Download and enjoy the free infographic below, courtesy of Fielding Graduate University, and learn more.


Social Media Showdown

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