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10 Questions Parents Should Answer Before Giving a Child a Cellphone via @USAToday

Cyberwise's Diana Graber talks to USA Today about the 10 questions parents should ask themselves before giving a child a connected device.

1. Do they know how to manage their online reputations?

2. Are they capable of protecting their private information?

3. Do they know how to build safe online relationships?

4. Do they know when to unplug?

5. Do they understand how to be safe and secure online?

6. Can they make ethical decisions when it comes to things like piracy or hacking?

7. Do they know how to use digital tools for research?

8. Do they have the media literacy acumen to spot scams or fake news?

9. Do they know how to be positive online participants or do they just waste time online?

10. Can they solve problems when faced with online challenges?

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