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Make the Season Merry: Give a Gift and Give to Charity Too

Editor's Note: BuzzParent is an awesome resource for parents looking for well-researched and helpful holiday gift ideas for kids. They also give a portion of their proceeds to charity. We let them explain why...

Here at BuzzParent, we believe all companies should be donating at least a small part of their profits to charities. We have made the decision to donate 20% of our profits to good causes, meaning we have already donated thousands of dollars to a variety of organizations. We donate to a range of different causes, including those who help abused children and animals, as well as those dealing with homelessness.

The number of not-for-profit organizations is increasing every day, meaning it’s even harder for them

all to get the valuable funding they need from the public or government. This is why we believe more companies should take the plunge and reach out to these in need. A lot of business owners have probably never even thought about doing this, so we want to make a change and raise more awareness about how easy it can be to donate a little each month.

If all companies gave some of their profits to charity, the world would be a better place. Imagine if every large organization donated even 1% of their earnings—wealth would gradually become more and more equally distributed. Uneven distribution of wealth is one of the biggest economic problems, even in some of the most developed countries with high average incomes, thousands of people still live in poverty whilst others earn millions.

By supporting charities, we can help provide a better future for everyone. It may be an organization which helps children who have had a difficult start in life. Or, a non-profit which helps those facing homelessness find accommodation and get back into work. These causes all contribute to wider social good, making our world a better place to live in.

As if the social and community benefits of regularly donating weren’t enough, there have even been proven health benefits to those who give to good causes. Employees feel happier working for companies that donate often, and those who donate have been proven to feel less stress. Everyone involved in giving to charity will feel happier and more positive overall. Plus, statistically, they will have better health, measured on a variety of scales.

So let the season be merry, give a gift the gives twice. We can help you do just that!

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