Don't Tweet Stupid Stuff

Don’t tweet stupid stuff. Seems like no-brainer advice, doesn’t it? Yet, if one's brain is not fully-functional (we’ll get to that in a minute), following this simple guideline is harder than it seems.

Case(s) in point… In the past few weeks, the offensive tweets of three Major League Baseball players came back to bite each of them in very public and embarrassing ways. In each case, the racist and homophobic tweets now causing their P.R. nightmares were posted when each athlete was still in high school:

While these tweets speak volumes about each athlete’s (albeit, still under development) character, lots of people are asking if it is fair to judge each man by his adolescent posts. But that’s the wrong question, because fair or not, we live in a world where each of us is judged by what we post online.

They Were Educationally-Disadvantaged

teach me

I’m guessing these athletes didn’t benefit from digital literacy lessons in school. Had they been one of my Cyber Civics students they would have participated in a “digital background check” lesson in sixth grade, well before they started tweeting dumb stuff.

During this activity students pretend to be college admissions officers tasked with the job of deciding who to award a f