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#SaferInternetDay: Social Media and Your Family

Did you know that every minute adds 48 hours of video to YouTube, 3600 photos on Instagram, 3125 photos to Flickr, 10000 tweets and 684478 individual pieces of content on Facebook?

Parental Control Software is a powerful way to give parents and caregivers peace of mind through monitoring their children's online activities.

Although there is no substitute for communication and education, adults need all the help they can get keeping kids safe online-- that's why we are excited to endorse Mobicip, the most effective and easy-to-use parental control software we've found yet! Learn more in our Parental Control Software Hub here and download their free downloadable tip sheet on ways to manage "Social Media and Your Family" here!

SOCIAL MEDIA AND YOUR FAMILY via Mobicip: Parental Controls designed to protect your family on the Internet, limit screen time, manage apps, and help keep track of their location.

Social Media and Your Family Tip Sheet

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