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4 Benefits Of Studying Online vs In-Person University Courses

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You’re not just confined to studying in a one-hundred-old study hall anymore, modern-day students have options. Not only can you opt for a part-time or full-time course to fit around your busy schedule, but you can also choose to study online courses, which lets you learn from home and when you want to. But what are you getting out of online university courses when choosing one over an in-person course? Keep reading to learn just a few benefits of choosing online.


Your schedule can be flexible

One of the biggest benefits of online courses is that you can learn from home, work, or wherever you are in the world. You don’t have to waste time commuting or moving around your schedule to fit in your studies. This also allows you to save money on unnecessary expenses, so it’s a win-win situation! 

Many people agree that they prefer the option of choosing where they work from because they can find out where is best for them. Some students really suffer when being confined to an educational environment, so being able to choose a different place can actually improve their studies and grades. 

You’ll be looking at lower costs

Other than commuting costs, you’ll also be able to save money on expensive cafeteria food, textbooks, and the money you might need to rent equipment for physical classes. One of the most expensive costs for in-person university students is the rent for a room nearer the institution. When you’re studying from home, there’s no need for you to move anywhere closer! 

One expense you will need to consider is a dependable laptop to make sure you can complete your courses whenever you’re able to. However, considering you’ll be saving money on rent, takeaway coffee, and trendy clothes, you’ll still be saving money in the long run. 

You have a greater choice of courses available to you

There are many online universities, like the VU online university, which offer countless courses for you to choose from. When you choose an in-person institution, you might be limited to what courses they offer at the time. We’ve heard of students applying to in-person courses, only to uproot their lives and have their courses withdrawn at the last minute. They were almost always offered another place on a similar course, but it’s not exactly what they wanted. 

By choosing to study online, you’ll know that your chosen course won’t change at the very last minute. And even if it does for some reason, you won’t have wasted money on

travel passes and a new place to live. 

You might learn better online rather than from books

Most students who study in person rely heavily on their laptops to take notes and research because of the age we're living in and how most people spend more time on laptops anyway. People might be more comfortable learning from their laptops, so why not save money and choose the more convenient option of studying online? 

A small research study found that people under the age of 35 were more comfortable looking at a screen to learn rather than books from libraries. Choosing the best way for you to study will help your grades and the entire university experience. 

Potential drawbacks of online learning

While there are many benefits to studying online, there are also some disadvantages that some students might experience when they opt to stay home and learn rather than study in person. These are: 

You might struggle to find motivation

We get it, life gets in the way. Sometimes that important thing that you’ve been putting off gets in the way of your studying, and because there’s no one motivating you to hand in assignments on time or remind you of your modules, your studies can fall to the backburner if you’re not careful. When choosing to study online, you’ll need to make sure you’re up for the challenge of keeping yourself motivated - it can be more difficult than you think! 

You might find studying online lonely

Some students need face-to-face support and interaction when studying to stay motivated when studying. You should consider if you think the lack of other students around you will be an issue for you, as in-person courses offer lots more networking and social opportunities. 

Final thoughts

Overall, there are both benefits and drawbacks to studying online university courses. When choosing online, you’ll be able to save money, work around your busy schedule, and choose from a greater variety of courses. However, some students have reported feeling lonely and unmotivated when studying online. As long as you don’t think these potential drawbacks will be an issue for you, then studying online might be the way to go!



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