7 Signs Your Child Needs Help Studying

Due to the increase in screen time and social isolation during the pandemic, many kids are underperforming in school. Parents have been under enormous pressure, but still desperately want the best for their kids. Some children need additional attention and assistance, especially during the pandemic. But sometimes they are too shy to ask for help. That's why parents should always be on the lookout, especially concerning school tasks. The following seven signs will help you to notice problems, if they arise, and let you know how to support your child so they can get back on track.

Your Child Doesn't Want to Talk About School

Usually, people love to share good experiences with others. This statement is particularly true for kids who are excited about the new things they do at school. However, if your child keeps avoiding a conversation about lessons, they are probably experiencing difficulties. Ask them if you can help with school assignments. Don't worry if you don’t know all the answers. Children just need to know that you care and will go through this journey with them.

Aggressive Behavior

Don't take it personally when your calm and friendly teenager becomes aggressive. An aggressive attitude could be just a silent cry for help. In this case, react with thoughtfulness. It's not the best idea to ask them directly what happened. Try to find an appropriate moment for a conversation when they are calmer, and show that you will support them no matter what the issue is. When they feel your support, your child will more readily tell you why they are frustrated.

They Need Your Presence

At school, we learn how to make our own decisions. So, it could be strange when your child starts to ask for help with every minor issue. It could be a sign that you have to pay more attention to their educational problems. Maybe it has something to do with the tough final test, exam, or big science project? Or, perhaps they just need help on one particular subject.

Your Child Looks Depressed

Depressive moods or distancing could also be the signals of underachievement at school. Sadness, constant tiredness, and lack of attention can be the signs that a child is struggling with school assignments and that they need your help. Unfortunately, very often parents don't notice changes in their children's behavior. They think that lack of energy and enthusiasm could be just temporary fatigue—meanwhile, pupils lacking help with studying start to lose their motivation and become more miserable. Parents must pay attention to these emotions and ask for professional help if it's needed.

Issues with Memorizing New Words

If you notice that your son or daughter has trouble remembering new things, have them take some tests. On the internet, you can find plenty of cognitive tests for different ages. That's how you can check their logical skills, processing speed, and memory. Look for tests that include games, that way your child won't be against having some fun. The test's results will give you an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your child. It will help you assist them but no