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8 Educational And Engaging Podcasts To Keep The Kids Entertained

Podcasts are a fantastic way of keeping the kids entertained without resorting to screen time and iPads. Because these entertaining podcasts are also packed with educational experiences, getting the kids to tune in won’t make you feel like a parent that’s opting out. Indeed, the best kids’ podcasts will offer something to all ages and you might even enjoy them too. These podcasts are the perfect entertainment for road trips and other free moments.

1) Don't Break the Rules

This improv podcast features four inventive voice actors creating new, silly storylines for each episode. Because the actors get a new character in each edition of this podcast, the episodes vary wildly and it’s always fun for kids to be taken on the journey. It’s always packed full of energy and your kids will be instantly absorbed by the engaging characters and funny voices on display.

2) Tara The Tremendous: The Secret Diaries

This epic story-telling podcast will grab the kids' attention - and maybe yours too. It tells the story of young Tara Callahan, an 11-year-old girl whose life is turned upside down when she gains superhero-level powers. “The music in this podcast gives it the edge, making it exceptionally listenable and fun for the whole family,” says Lisa C. Hillier, a teacher at OXEssays and Dissertation Services. “So many long drives have passed in a flash thanks to the immersive world of Tara the Tremendous.”

3) Smash, Boom, Best

This fun and engaging podcast is all about debating the merits of two random things and figuring out which one wins out. The smash - boom - best format makes this podcast really dynamic and fun and it’s going to inspire hot debate amongst the family, encouraging everyone to chip in. Drums vs guitars? Flowers vs rainbows? You’ll discover you have an opinion on everything!

4) Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest

Host Adam Gidwitz has the knack for storytelling, as evidenced in his bestselling fairytale book A Tale Dark & Grimm. This podcast builds on his narrative success, taking classic fairytales and modernizing them for young audiences to provide an immersive storytelling experience. Mystery, fantasy, and adventure combine in Gidwitz’s world which is packed with magical creatures and curious characters.

5) Animal Safari

Animal Safari will take the whole family on a cross-continental trip to meet a mad menagerie of animals from across the world. This podcast will enthrall the budding naturalists and it’s packed full of the funnest facts about the animal kingdom. What makes Animal Safari stand out from your typical science podcast is the creative conception of its episodes - questions such as ‘Can A Crocodile Be Part Of Your Family?’ are sure to pique your interest.

6) Mother Tongue with Sirine

“This wonderful podcast takes you on a globe-trotting tour of cultures across the world that you, and your kids, might never have the opportunity to otherwise encounter,” says Donald H. Alves, educator at Essayroo and Revieweal. Mother Tongue has been winning awards for its cute take on culture, and each episode is bursting with life. Using language as a starting point everywhere from Greece to China is brought to life.

7) ExtraBlurt

ExtraBlurt is a game show podcast that will get the whole family shouting and laughing along as they compete for the right answers. Incredible creativity has gone into every episode which covers everything from space invaders to the magical world of Harry Potter. Contestants (that’s you!) tackle brain-tickling trivia and are encouraged to shout the answers, creating a fun family experience.

8) Brains On!

Brains On! is a science podcast to inspire and inform your little geniuses at every turn. Each episode goes into detail about the workings of the world, asking questions that will engage your children and encouraging them to think for themselves about the world around them. Topics are chosen to engage a young demographic and explorations of subjects such as why siblings are so annoying are bound to resonate with your youngsters!

Podcasts are a fantastic way to engage kids without resorting to iPads and screen time. These podcasts will inspire and engage your kids with epic storytelling and educational entertainment. Whether it’s a long drive or a free morning, these adventurous podcasts offer a fantastic way of entertaining your child.

About the Author:

Katherine Rundell is a kids writer at Best essay writing services and Academized review. She has three kids - two of them twins - and learned a little something about keeping kids entertained on her annual cross-country road trip from her home on the West Coast to visit her family in the Midwest. She is also a proofreader at Top Canadian Writers.

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