Essential Read! Digital Pandemic - Covid-19: How Tech Went From Bad to Good 

Updated: Jul 8

Here's a new book we are excited to tell you about as we all try to figure out the role that digital devices will play in our lives post-COVID. Please read to the end for a special offer!

Digital Pandemic - Covid-19: How Tech Went From Bad to Good represents writer Michael Bociurkiw’s efforts to chronicle the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the many aspects of our lives. This live reporting project, which commenced in early 2020, documents how technology played a mostly positive role in keeping us connected and productive. It also offers many forward-looking predictions on the likely changes to geopolitics, diplomacy, journalism, travel, social media (and yes - influencers and selfie-takers), the workplace, the home, and much more.

The precursor to this book, Digital Crack, focused on smartphone and social media addiction. Michael said that crucial parts of that work-in-progress were included in Digital Pandemic to give readers a sense of how much screen time young people have spent on their devices, especially during the extended lockdowns. In it, he describes, for example, a visit to a technology addiction center near Seattle where he spoke to young adults receiving treatment. The book also discusses how Singapore,