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Listen Up! Silver Linings CAN Be Found During the Darkest Times

Sometimes when things get tough, the tough... well, they make podcasts. At least that's what Internet Safety Expert and our friend Richard Guerry did. Suddenly finding himself unable to visit schools due to coronavirus, he decided to make lemonade out of lemons. He launched his new podcast series--"Public and Permanent: Real Tales From the Road"--a bit early.

We were we thrilled to be his very first guest! In addition to sharing tips on how families can balance tech & family time, we discussed:

  • The importance of opening lines of communication.

    • What you can ask your children.

    • What you can learn from your kids.

    • Why to check for anxiety based on the news or events of the day.

    • The importance of checking the news sources they are consuming (fake or real)?

    • Tips for when screen time is OK, and when its not.

    • And the "silver lining" of this social distancing situation.

You should really check out the whole series and listen to all of his inspiring guests. After all, what else do you have to do?



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