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Why Teenagers Don't Watch TV

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

According to the Public Fund's sociological data, only 16% of people aged 13–19 years old are watching TV and are going to continue doing so, 46% do not watch television, and 38% admitted that they are watching less and less. Teenagers prefer YouTube.

Teens were born with a smartphone in their hands. They can find the answer to any question or solution to any problem using the Internet and quickly googling what they are interested in.

7 Reasons Why Teens Do Not Watch TV:

Reason 1. Mobility

Most teenagers prefer to watch content of various kinds, from information to entertainment, using their smartphone. It's all about the convenience of receiving content. The disadvantage of TV is its mobility. You can watch TV only in the place where it is installed. In general, a teenager watches his favorite shows using his smartphone or laptop, where he is comfortable when traveling to school, waiting for his boyfriend or girlfriend in the park, etc.

Reason 2. More choice

A teenager would prefer the Internet because he can choose a larger range of content than television offers. Not limited to only those shows, the news that TV offers, you can choose from more of the offered content.

Reason 3. Content quality

Most teenagers claim that the content that TV provides them is uninteresting. YouTube contains more quality, entertaining, educational content.

Reason 4. Video length

The duration of YouTube videos is usually shorter than a television show, making it easy to hold a teens' attention. Moreover, you can pause long videos and continue watching later.

Reason 5. Shorter duration of commercials

Due to informational noise, commercials annoy or interrupt from watching your favorite show. You can skip ads on YouTube if it's not interesting.