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What Is VISR? Our Interview With Founder Robert Reichman

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Recently we were introduced to a new tech tool we found intriguing— VISR provides "early detection" to spot threats and safety issues your children might be exposed to on their digital devices -- sort of like an alarm. It alerts parents to potential issues like bullying, violence, sexting, etc., while respecting children's privacy.
We also thought Founder Robert Reichmann's story was interesting, we hope you do too!
What is VISR?
VISR is an early detection technology for threats and safety issues kids face - sort of like an alarm.
Why Did You Start VISR?
The truth is, VISR was born out of recognition of a real problem. In the early days, Zoli (my
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cofounder) and I were discussing this very problem as it related to kids we knew and realized just how pervasive the challenges were. That challenge was the opportunity. Being what I refer to as a “sandwich generation” parent - a young father who understands and lives technology - we recognized that there really was nothing that utilized technology to it’s fullest capacity in a powerful, simple and non-invasive way. The “alert” approach as simple as it sounds, is actually quite sophisticated; backed by powerful technology and creative thinking. Having spent a few years working at technology companies and launching a couple non-profits, this would be a natural progression - working to build impactful technology that solves a serious real world problem.
What Is Your Mission?
Personal or company? The truth is, they are highly correlated. Personally, I’m driven by a sense of passion, ambition and desire to make an impactful difference. VISR’s mission is to connect safety and well-being with technology - whereby making an impactful difference.
Why Are You Offering This Promotion Through CyberWise?
We work hard to align ourselves with partners and organizations that share our beliefs and vision. CyberWise is a fantastic resource for parents as it relates to all things digital literacy. It’s an honor for us to offer our product to the CyberWise audience, as we aim to work and learn from our users and community at large.
What Do You Love Most About Technology?
This is my favorite question. I love the concept. Technology is really just a tool for us to
build what we want. Essentially it is whatever we want it to be. I hate being restricted by reality. Instead, I love to explore problems and discover how to solve them. Technology is just the playground.
One quick item. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that everything we do is only possible because of our amazing team. An idea is only as good as its’ execution - and that is a team effort.
If it’s alright, I’d love to turn it to the readers and hear directly from them. As parents, what kinds of challenges do you face when it comes to you and your children’s safety? What can we build that would help you solve these concerns? I’d love to hear from you about this and any other thoughts! Email me directly at - robert at visr dot co.

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