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We're Reaching Out To Legislators During Media Literacy Week

Make your voice heard at your state capital!

The goal of Media Literacy Now is to put the issue of Media Literacy on the public policy agenda to raise awareness about the urgent and critical need for students to learn key 21st century skills.

For Media Literacy Week we are launching an outreach campaign to state legislators across the country, to introduce them to the concept of, and urgent need for, Media Literacy education in our schools. While the legislative action will vary from state to state, we are pushing legislators to get moving on policy that elevates media literacy education as a priority in our schools.

Policy change requires many voices to speak up. We invite you to join us in this effort.

With Washington at an impasse, much of the policy action in our country is happening at the state level. According to analysis by CQ RollCall, states passed 45,000 bills and resolutions while Congress passed 352 in its last session.

At the state level, you can truly make a difference with one letter, one phone call, one meeting. It’s your right and responsibility, as a citizen, to guide your elected leaders and make your voice heard.

Let’s reach lawmakers across the country this week! Go to our Media Literacy Week page for a sample letter and step by step instructions.

Erin is the founder of Media Literacy Now and also leads the Massachusetts legislative effort.

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