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‘After School App’- Yet Another App for Parents to Know About!

There’s a new app in town and with close to 10 million users this app is definitely growing in popularity. This app, called the "After School App," is a new social media platform for teens only. Users create a school specific message board, verifying that the user attends the school via FB, making adult users prohibited. Users are anonymous which makes accountability virtually impossible. While the app does have some safety procedures in place--like emergency response if a threat is made, or filters and block buttons, the app can still be used to harass individuals. Since the users are anonymous, they are able to post freely about what they think or want to do, leaving the door wide open for physical, sexual, and bullying threats. Read more about the app here.

It's important to know what our kids are up to digitally. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep the lines of communication open. This will be your greatest tool in keeping your kids safe online.

  • Know what apps are on their phones and tablets.

  • Enable a passcode that only YOU know before any app can be downloaded on your child's phone.

  • Keep up with the current trends and stay one step ahead.

  • Make your kids accountable if any of your rules are broken.

  • Follow your kids on their social media accounts--know who follows them and who they follow.

  • Be bully aware.

We can’t keep our kids in the proverbial bubble we’d like to, but we can take their hand and figure out this digital world together, keeping them safer in the process. KidsEmail is a safe email service for kids. Try if for free!

Brittany is the Marketing Manager of KidsEmail, Mom of 2, Farmer's Wife, and dedicated to keeping kids safe online.

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