Top 10 Favorite Apps for Moms

We like to call Janel of Frienedy, the "Queen of Apps" because she always has the best app recommendations for busy moms. So here—just in time for Mother's Day—are her recommendations for apps that will save you time, energy, and $$ (they are mostly all FREE).

Have an 'Appy Mother's Day!

1. MYLO… coming to the App Store and Playstore soon! This is a clever, simple, PRIVATE group management/messaging app. From planning class parties to managing gift registries--this app will let you organize your life in groups…available in May 2016.

2.… Wouldn’t it be cool to have a virtual wine or coffee date with a few of your old high school or college friends who live in different corners of the country? Now you can---for up to 4 people…all on your phone…for FREE. So simple even Grandma can figure it out.

3. SnipSnap… Coupons and deal alerts delivered right to your phone. Nice!