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A Don't-Miss Digital Parenting Resource!


At Cyberwise we are always on the look out for awesome digital parenting resources, and we found one we can’t wait to tell you about. Parentology, a hub for the digital age, is absolutely jam-packed with information to help parents navigate the ever-changing landscape of the Internet, social media, politics, education, climate change, and innovation.

Parentology’s Rick Andreoli told us he found that parents were looking for a stream of short form articles that delivered fact-based information in a digestible format, so that is what Parentology delivers. Andreoli has assembled a respected team of writers from across the U.S. to keep the site constantly packed with new, timely content.

Here are some articles that caught our eye:

And (shameless promotion) we like this one because it includes our downloadable "10 Most Popular Apps" PDF:

How To Use Parentology

If you’re looking for information on a specific topic, you can simply use Parentology's search feature at the top of their home page and type in whatever you need. Or, better yet, just use Google. Type in the topic you are looking for plus “Parentology” and presto, Google will take you to Parentology's answer to your pressing digital parenting question.

Face It, We Need All the Help We Can Get!

Parenting in the digital age is certainly not for the meek. Technology changes rapidly, and kids constantly discover inventive ways to use new apps or communicate in code. That’s why parents can never have too many tools at their disposal to stay on top of their digital parenting game.

Parentology should be an essential tool in your parenting arsenal.