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Smart Home Trends That Make Life Easier For Parents

There’s no denying that this past year has been stressful for parents. Navigating working from home, helping kids with their virtual learning, and dealing with the additional stressors the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about is enough to make even the most experienced parents exhausted. And who can blame them!

While technology has allowed us all to stay connected during a time when we can’t physically be together, it has also taken over many families’ lives in a way they didn’t expect. But there are ways to make technology work for you, both as working parents and as a family. From smart thermostats to control your home’s energy consumption straight from your phone to AI fridges to make grocery shopping a breeze, there are recent innovations in the smart home tech field that can help parents breathe a sigh of relief.

For parents of little ones, this stress has likely doubled as you learn to juggle a child who needs constant supervision with your job and many other daily responsibilities. But smart home tech is here to help, with automatic locks to keep your family safe and indoor cameras to monitor your kid’s activity from another room. You can even automate the cleaning process by connecting your phone to your robot vacuum, setting it to run every day to check one more thing off your list without having to do the actual work.

For more information on the biggest trends in the smart home industry and how they are poised to not only help families across the nation but change how we interact with our homes, check out the infographic from Hippo insurance below.

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