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Why a Parent’s Influence is Important When Kids Learn Online

Online Learning

A parent’s influence is key to ensuring a child’s success when it comes to online schooling. Sure, you may think it’s solely the teacher’s responsibility to make sure your child meets their online educational responsibilities, but COVID-19 has changed the game. Now both teachers and parents share this responsibility equally. How can you help your child master the basics of remote learning? Let’s see what the experts say.

Why Parents Matter

Online school is a perfect space for tons of distractions and a lack of discipline. Social media and Internet browsing disturb focus, especially in adolescents. If left unsupervised in their rooms, children have an even bigger temptation to surf the web. Imagine other distracting factors, and you get the full picture.

Helping your children succeed doesn’t mean you need to find research paper writer or compose a college essay for them. However, it does mean you must ensure your child actually writes and submits that essay in time.

Other reasons children need parental assistance when it comes to online learning:

  • If your child leaves an online class, the teacher cannot physically guide them back to their seat. This becomes the parents’ job.

  • Domestic animals can be a distraction that parents must mitigate.

  • If a child fails to understand material, a teacher may not be able to quickly intervene. A parent may have to explain math or Spanish.

Choose a Proper Setting

A room full of toys, posters, and other clutter distracts learners. Your child isn’t an adult freelancer who understands the value of remote work. Instead, a modern kid will find remote studying sessions in their room unnatural.

How to inspire your kid to study at home?

  • Choose a room with neutral or muted colors. Bright wallpaper sends a wrong message to the learner.

  • Don’t let your child learn while in bed. A table and a chair (preferably, an ergonomic one) make the best settings for studying.

  • It’s better for your child to study in a kitchen under your supervision than alone in their room. Again, a bedroom is a personal space for rest rather than Zoom classes.

Ask for Breaks

Some children are more fidgety than others. Most of the youngest learners need tiny breaks after sitting for 20 minutes. When it comes to breaks, cooperate with your child’s teacher. As a part of teamwork, teachers and parents may arrange 10-minute breaks after a 25-minute study.

The play-and-study scheme will differ for teenagers. Obviously, this group has a better attention span. Oh, but only if their smartphones are further than an arm's distance.

Meanwhile, a parent may ensure physical activity during the breaks, which should not extend the screen time. Instead of playing a video game on their smartphone, your kid could dance or jump. A cool opportunity to find some great music and dance with your child!

Blocking Apps

Help your children install an app that blocks social media notifications and ads. You could even choose one that has a gaming element to it. For instance, there is such an app called ‘Forest.’ When used, it asks your child to plant a tree and choose a time. Your child may choose 45 minutes to stay focused and listen to their teacher. If they follow the rules, the tree grows; if they fail to do so, the tree dies. It’s a great way to teach your child responsibility for their actions!

Time Management

The younger your child is, the more difficult the transition to remote learning will be. However, when it comes to time management, adolescents are arguably the worst. Often this is because an adolescent will try to go to sleep as late as possible! This can result in exhaustion and a lack of energy in the morning.

How can you help your child get heavenly sleep?

  • Ensure that the remote learning has the same schedule as the earlier in-class learning. This means a parent must abide by same times for meals and extracurricular activities.

  • Reduce your teenager’s screen time in the evening. For instance, ask your child to hand you their smartphone at 10 pm.

  • Buy an alarm clock. Hence, there’ll be no excuse for your child to keep their smartphone in the bedroom at night.

Joint Readings

This tip works the best for the youngest learners. Joint reading is a process during which a parent and a child read a book together. You can ask your child to read a story, or you can be the only reader. How to make sure your kid enjoys reading without snoozing?

Joint Readings

  • Find stories with the most unpredictable endings. The ending that is difficult to guess will keep your child excited.

  • Books with colorful illustrations are a godsend to the youngest learners.

  • Buy color-me books which inspire children to use their artistic skills.

  • Turn joint readings into a habit. There is no need for one-hour readings if you have no time. Better aim for consistent 20-minutes readings each day.

Feedback is the Key to Being Confident

During the quarantine, teachers might feel lackadaisical to give feedback in no-class hours. Hence, a parent is the one to provide reassurance to their kid. By praising your child, you tell them that they are on the right track. Children need confidence and guidance. Especially the youngest learners who depend on their parents the most.

How to reward your child for their academic success?

  • Use stars and stickers on their workbooks.

  • Allow some extra screen time before they go to sleep. Half an hour might be enough.

  • For high schoolers, allow them to arrange a movie night with their friends.

  • For the youngest learners, allow them to play with their toys after the classes finish.

Final Thoughts

Assisting your child in online studying might be overwhelming at first. One doesn’t have to worry. Keep calm and focus on the main remote learning pillars. They are an organization, time management, a reward system, and some quality time spent together. In the beginning, your kid might refuse to follow all the rules. If this happens, use your diplomatic skills and patiently explain the importance of remote learning.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!



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Yousef Parrish
May 29, 2022

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